Family Ties Repair Update

I am going to make this post short with lots of pictures so even Kevin can follow along.

My future posts will be about how the second half of the summer went but for now it’s all about updating you on our port engine.

When we last met up on this blog our beautiful boat wasn’t feeling well and we had no idea what to do about it. We were in Wiarton the weekend of October 21st and so was Jeff. Not Jeff from Boldly Go but another Jeff. I now personally know 10 Jeffs.

Anyway … I met Jeff late in the summer and found out he was the owner of Tobermory Marine.

I took a chance and asked him if he would mind looking at our engine and maybe weigh in on what I should do. He asked me if I had started the engine yet and of course there wasn’t a chance that I did. I was too worried that I would do more damage.

With a little more throttle our port engine started up and sounded great. He only had me run it for 10 seconds but at least it worked.

So Tobermory Jeff and I came up with a plan. He would have our boat trucked to his shop in Tobermory where he would remove both engines and replace all hoses, belts, and impellers and while they were out he would clean and paint the engines. He would also take the generator out and repair it. Then … we figured that, since the engines and generator were out, he would clean and paint the entire engine room. Just like any typical renovation this took on a life of it’s own.

Here she is on the road again! Jeff sent me these photos.

I drove up to Tobermory a bit later to take a look at how things were going.

The plan is to store her in this building for the winter. Although it’s cold storage it will give me a chance to go once in a while to work on her. On a nice mild and sunny day in the winter I suspect it be quite comfortable in there.

More photos from Jeff…

They had to remove the seats to get the engines out.

So I went up today to pick up the generator and some other items like the inverter/charger, lithium battery, and the hot water tank.

The idea is to clear the engine room as much as possible to make it easier to clean. The cleaning and painting won’t be happening until some time in March/April. The engines probably won’t be going back in until early May.

This is where the generator sits.

There is a lot of room for activities!

And here are our engines now sitting comfortably in his shop. It will be a lot easier to work on them now.

Jeff will be sending me photos as the work progresses. I don’t think they will get started on them until the new year but I am looking forward to having a clean and bright engine room.

The generator was loaded in the van …

Sorry for the lack of details but I will make sure I update as I get more information.

That’s all for now.

Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the south (I purposely spelled “Neighbours” in “Merican”)

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