154 Days!

It may not seem like summer is on the way but it definitely is. 154 days until she heads home. There is more daylight now and we are almost halfway through January. Boat Day was cut short this weekend due to a family event but we did get a few things done.

I completed the final pour on the table and it looks great.

Once again I had to make sure the table was level.

I ended up mixing up more epoxy than I needed but since this was my first attempt I had no idea of how much I would need.

I watched a YouTube video on applying epoxy and found out that brushing on a thin coat on the edges helps the epoxy to flow easier.

Then it was time to commit…

Thousands of tiny bubbles makes it almost opaque. Most of these will work themselves out but you will still need a propane torch for a lot of them. I used a new plastic scraper to even out the coat.

Here you can see the extra epoxy drip down the edges as it settles on the surface.

You have to let these dry and take care of them after everything cures.

It took about 45 minutes of carefully watching and looking for bubbles but it was definitely worth it.

Donald made the vanity for the head and I made the corian top.

I mitred the edge of the top so there is no joint showing. I put the stainless bowl on top for for placement.

Donald also filled in the top of the opening to the head from the mid-berth. Now I can order the glass to fill that in.

Tom and Chris came to help out and brought my father along. He seemed to be happy with the progress.

We started working at dismantling the windshield so it can be refinished and we can replace the glass. There were 5 screws at the bottom of each of the 5 front sections and 4 of the 5 came out easily. 1 out of 5 was stripped.

Here my father is watching Tom work at loosening the side panels.

I hope I can still do this if I make it to 91.

Working at loosening up the front sections. I’m glad I didn’t use a flash on this shot. Definitely would have had some light flaring back into the lens.

The screws are buried in there somewhere.

The plan is to refinish all of the aluminum and replace the glass. I will have to source the black plastic trim somewhere.

Here Chris is making sure the side panel doesn’t slip off the edge as we try to separate the front panels.

We weren’t able to.

Now we will have to remove the glass first and then we will work at taking out the frames.

I took these photos today when it was brighter outside.

The entire windshield is now loose.

We had some special visitors today. Our good friends Jason (yes THAT Jason) and Kerrin brought their son William along to take a tour of the boat. William gave his approval on the table.

The boat show starts next week and we will be heading there on Sunday. We are hoping to come back with some great ideas for lighting.

Until then we hope everyone has a great week.

3 Replies to “154 Days!”

  1. Well, it’s about time that ne’er-do-well Jason showed-up to help out. Here’s hoping you managed to squeeze an honest day’s worth of heavy labour out of him while he was there, and not just some quick photo op with his positively adorable family.

    As for finding replacement trim for the windscreen frame, you might want to check out Steele Rubber: https://marine.steelerubber.com/insert-trim-70-3782-340


      1. Shameful. That Kevin feller seems to be real piece of work too. Looks like it’s time to find yourself some decent friends — or maybe just see if Donald will let you share some of his?


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