I Am Only Typing Something Here To Keep Jason Happy!

We found out last week that the laminate that we chose (called Winter Cherry by Tafisa) was out of stock and we wouldn’t be getting more until later next week. As a result Donald spent more time focusing on a lot of the smaller items on the to-do list. Even though these aren’t really interesting enough for a blog post they still have to be done. We did still have some small pieces left so he was able to do some work.

When we do get the laminate in he will be making the doors for the cabinets. Until then there is definitely a lot of things still on that list.

Donald made up the cabinet at the bottom of the stairs that the air-conditioner and sewage vacuum will be in. This will also serve as another seating area.

The seating on this will be the same as the main sitting area in the salon (this photo is from a previous post).

We had enough material for Donald to make up the panels for the face of this cabinet. Here he is laying out the cutouts for the air-conditioning vent and control panel. He does it this way so it can be cutout on the overhead router. He could have just used a jigsaw but this is Donald we are talking about. Even these cutouts…which will never be seen… have to look good. This is also why he is the one making the cabinets and not me.

Here it is installed.

We have to get a custom handrail for the steps so I made a mock-up so we can determine the proper height. I’m not particularly proud of the quality of my work on this one but it does the job.

Remember… this is only for location and height of the posts!

I also applied another coat of Durabond 90 to the curved wall. One more coat should have it nice and smooth. Once this is done I will prime it and we can put that laminate panel on. We are hoping we can get to that in by the end of next week.

Donald also made the upper cabinet for the vestibule. This is another storage area that we aren’t entirely sure what we are going to use it for. This cabinet can’t be permanently installed until I have all the wiring done since most of it passes in behind it.

The top cap for the wall separating the galley and the dining area…

I continued my work on the headliner for the v-berth. The ceiling panels will be stepped down so that there is a recess for strip lighting. I’m not wearing gloves for health reasons. Although the vinyl is easy to clean I am using glue which isn’t as easy to clean.

One of the ceiling panels is oddly shaped. As much as we tried to fit it to the ceiling I was 1/4″ short on one edge so had to add some on. This will be covered with vinyl and installed once I have the lighting in place.

There are a few areas that still need laminate. With these we are using a premium construction adhesive to glue it in place.

We had originally planned on having the port and starboard windows powder coated but I decided to finish them myself using Trem-clad. A semi-gloss black. I am banking on this being a very durable product that I can easily touch up in place if needed.

I realized after priming and applying the first coat that the only areas on these frames that will be exposed were still fairly pitted. I will have to sand down the thin strips of the face next week, fill the pitted areas with Bondo, and then finish them again.

I took this photo when the paint was still very wet but, once it dried, the indents were very obvious. As I mentioned the only visible part of this frame is the 1″ strip in the middle and the 3/8″ strip around the edge.

I think I mentioned in a previous blog post that my business is temporarily closed and we aren’t expecting to be allowed to open for another 3 weeks. At least I am hoping that it is only 3 weeks. Crossing my fingers that it isn’t longer than that. In the mean time we are taking advantage of this to get this boat done.

Stay safe everyone.

2 Replies to “I Am Only Typing Something Here To Keep Jason Happy!”

  1. While I am elated that Michael’s latest blog entry does indeed have a title (as far too many before it still do not), his chosen caption is weak sauce, to say the least.

    How about a quick straw-poll of Michael’s loyal legion of pan-global followers? Shall we not rise up and grab our internet pitchforks to demand that he consistently apply more meaningful titles to his blog posts to make navigation and perusal just a little less tedious? C’mon Mike, you owe it to your readership. Spend a little less time sucking in your gut and flexing for the photos, and invest that time in some truly pithy titles. To the barricades all!


  2. Don’t you have a 10 week old child at home? It’s quite obvious that you still have enough time on your hands to make use of your “Word Of The Day” toilet paper when you should be doing some work around the house!


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