The Heat Is On…Literally & Figuratively!

I always thought the saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes” was a Canadian thing. I just found out that it is attributed to Mark Twain and was in reference to New England. Regardless, it describes spring in Ontario perfectly. A week and a half ago we were shoveling snow and today it hit 30 degrees ( 86 in Fahrenheit – I had to check to see if I spelled it correctly … I didn’t). Spring doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe it’s self-isolating!

Since the hot weather had arrived we felt it was time for Becky to dress properly. As much as we were looking forward to putting the old bimini on we also remembered that is wasn’t in great condition. Some of the zippers didn’t work, it was missing several domes, the Isinglass was either cracked or had yellowed, and it leaked. Other than that it’s great.

…but I will start with what we did earlier in the week.

Monday was a holiday here in Canada (part of what is called the May 2-4 weekend…this is pronounced “May Two-Four”) and I had that day to work on the boat so I worked on the headliner. My plan now is to complete the layout first so, if we happen to run out of time before she leaves, all I had to do was the vinyl.

I made a cardboard template of the curved wall and transferred it on to the substrate.

After about half an hour of fitting…

As I did in the v-berth this will be covered with white vinyl and will be part of the 1″ reveal along the walls.

I am 100% sure that I will be working on the headliner up until the deadline. The work you see here took me about 6 hours.

It rained mid week and, since we no longer had the front section of the winter cover on, I had the opportunity to check for leaks. I only found one and I could easily tell what was causing it. It was in the windlass chain locker and is from one of the docking lights.

What I also learned from this particular leak was that this compartment is called the windlass chain locker and it has a drain. Never knew that. Donald asked me what keeps the water coming in through the windlass and I didn’t know. Once again the internet came to the rescue. Water gets in but is able to drain on it’s own.

Another exciting development this week was the Corian counter top for the galley came in.

At this point we just put it in place and hadn’t glued it down yet. This week we will be sending the doors and drawer fronts out for finishing.

Donald and I have exactly 3 full boat days (Saturday) and 3 half boat days (Friday) left. I will try to get in as many hours as I can in the evening. The weather was beautiful this past Friday and, since we weren’t expecting rain until Sunday (I am typing this on Sunday evening and haven’t seen the rain yet), we took the opportunity to take off the winter cover and put on the bimini.

Here is Becky…completely topless!

Donald used a pressure washer to clean away years of dirt. As he was cleaning the different sections we realized just how poor condition it was in.

We had another visitor on Friday. My daughter Maddie showed up with her friend Amy who brought along her dog Tucker.

Admittedly Donald and I must have looked like amateurs trying to figure out the supports for the bimini. We would put them in place and then switch them around only to realize we had it right the first time.

At the moment we have booked the week of July 6th to have a new bimini made and installed. This is, of course, contingent on whether or not the company that is making it has caught up on their backlog of work. It might actually be the end of July before it happens. Either way we will show up in Wiarton with a faded and leaky bimini…I know…first world problems!

What I discovered as we were re-installing the support poles was that we were missing the 4 deck hinges that were attached to the teak on the transom.

Kind of an important part! Once again in the process of carefully removing the teak cap this grew legs. Back to the internet. I guess I can consider this retail therapy.

We were able to finish the installation of the galley top and also install the under mount sink.

First thing on Saturday morning I put on 4 layers of tape to create the line of the anti-foul paint. This way when we paint each coat of primer and finish paint we can remove a layer and the paint won’t have basically glued the tape to the hull.

I used the bottom line of the original pin stripes to create the new top line for the paint. Even after removing the pin stripes I could still see a faint line. This way I didn’t have to figure it out for myself. I assume that it was professionally installed and it looked pretty straight to me. It only took me about an hour to do all 4 layers.

It wouldn’t be a proper boat day without Tom and Chris. They are relentless and this boat would not be ready if it weren’t for them.

I put Tom to work sanding the Marine-tex putty so that we could get started priming.

He got through this pretty quickly so it was on to priming. I had no experience with painting a hull but had watched enough videos to at least have an idea what to do. It was great to see this process get started.

In this photo you can see that I pulled away the first layer of tape while the primer was still wet, leaving a clean line for the next coat.

…So Tom painted…

…and painted…

…and painted!

One coat of primer and she looks like new…remember…love is blind!

Chris took on the job of starting to clean up. There are a lot of years of dirt built up in the cockpit and this isn’t a 1 day job.

Jim showed up to do some work but I didn’t want to make him work too hard. He has soft office hands and kept referring to himself as old…except that this guy ran his first marathon at age 60.

Together we installed the windshield wiper motors.

They are now ready for wiring.

After we finished he patched the holes in the transom from the original bar supports for the swim platform. Since these will be underwater I had him put on two layers of fiberglass.

In this photo he is sanding the gel coat down to the fiberglass so that we have a good clean surface for the resin to bond to.

Donald spent much of the day on different things like finishing up the top cap on the transom, installing temporary panels in the sliding door, cleaning up the gunwale at the bow, and installing the rest of the windshield windows with me.

These panels are only temporary. We put them in to make sure of the size of the glass that we will need to order and to help secure the lower living area. I put a dehumidifier in the galley to remove any condensation over the next 3 weeks so the panels will stop it from trying to remove all of the humidity in town.

In this photo you will see the starboard side window. The packing tape covering the tears in the isinglass really adds class to our boat. It will look like this until the new bimini goes on.

I did a bit more work on the helm. The fiberglass that is hanging over the edge gets trimmed off before I add more.

The pot life of the resin is only about 20 minutes and I know that because I couldn’t finish this panel before it gelled.

I also worked on the exhaust outlets at the stern. The gel coat and fiberglass had broken away over the years so I had to sand these spots down until I got to solid fiberglass. I learned my lesson about sanding fiberglass. If anybody ever installed insulation in their attic they will know what I mean.

This is the starboard outlet before I sanded it. Someone had tried to do a bit of work on it in the past. I had to take it back quite a bit to get to solid material.

This is with 4 layers of fiberglass. It will take another 5 or 6 before I can start shaping it. I didn’t worry about the extra material hanging down until it cured and then I cut it away leaving it heavier than the finished edge will be.

And the port side. You can see the pencil line of where I think the new edge will be.

This is something that I will work at over the next few weeks.

Another great boat day and the weather looks for next weekend….for now anyway. I am going to ignore what Mr Twain said.

Have a great week everybody and check back next Sunday night.

Down to 21 days remaining.

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