The List

We finalized “the list” a couple of days ago and it was, to say the least, overwhelming. It is two pages long and single spaced. I think Donald and I have come to terms with the fact that there are a few items on that list that will not be done by June 15th.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in a previous post but the upholsterer that I booked in the fall to do the helm seats and cockpits can no longer get them done. I was disappointed but could understand completely. I did find another upholster but will have to wait for about 3+ weeks before they are done. This just means more things to blog about later!

The rub rails on that cover the gunwale is another thing that won’t be completely done. The problem will be getting the 20′ long pieces up in our car. Might be a bit of an issue.

Donald picked up the mattress from Anchor’s Away Custom Boat Bedding in Erin, ON (soon to be known as Sea Sway Custom Boat Bedding) and it fit perfectly.

Of course Donald, being the attention seeking guy that he is, had to be the first one to try it out.

The sheets are custom made and I’m hoping that they will be done soon.

We also installed the section of the bimini at the stern. We got this one correct the first time.

Tom and Chris finally decided to show up and actually give us a hand with this project! This is for those who have never read this blog before. For those of you who have, you will of course know that this boat probably wouldn’t be seeing the water any time soon without their help.

Tom had a full day of sitting under the boat. He and Chris finished off the third coat of primer and, after waiting the appropriate amount of time, got right into the first coat of anti-fouling paint.

At one point Tom asked us not to start the engines up….

After a lot of laying down on the job they were finished the first coat.

She’s starting to look like a finished boat!

We had extra help this weekend.

My sister-in-law Juanita helped us polish the stainless steel trim for the rub rails that cover the gunwale. I didn’t tell her that there was about 107 feet of it.

One of our co-workers offered to help as well. Dennis took on the job of taking apart the waste water pump. I’m pretty sure the septic system hasn’t been used in quite a long time so I needed to check to make the pump still worked. He first hooked it up to a battery and we found that the pump did indeed work. He took it apart and cleaned it. I have ordered a new bellows and duckbill valves and, once I get them early next week, I can reinstall the pump.

Dennis also got started on cleaning the gunwale. When I originally cleaned the gunwale I caulked the joint and may have been a bit…over zealous. I am very certain that it is sealed but now we have to deal with my enthusiastic application.

Not sure why he feels the need to have his shirt match his ladder.

Donald started working on the doors this past week and he started installing them on Saturday. I will be ordering the glass tomorrow and so, for a while, we will only have solid panels in the openings.

John came back to help with hooking up some outlets and dimmers for the v-berth.

Today I was able to put the second coat of anti-foul paint on the hull.

I did some more fiberglassing on the helm but ran out of epoxy resin so will have two more small pieces to put on tomorrow. Once I have that done I will be able to sand it and then start the process of finishing it with gel-coat. I have to have it finished by Wednesday so we can cut the openings for the instruments.

The wiring is ready to hooked up to the electrical panel.

I will be off all week working on the boat. Lots to do and I will update the blog a few times over the week.

One week left to go/

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