One More Sleep…

It was exactly 10 months ago that we were eagerly anticipating Becky’s arrival and now we are about 12 hours away from her leaving. They grow up so fast don’t they?

We didn’t get it all done but she’s going anyway. We have power to the lower living area and this week we will have water. Not sure if the head will be working but at least the marina’s facilities are open.

Tom and Chris made their last trip to work on the boat in St Jacobs yesterday so I thought I would take it easy on them…

Just kidding.

Their job yesterday was to clean and buff Becky and make her look all shiny. They didn’t disappoint.

Chris spent much of the day literally “swabbing the deck” There was a lot of residue left over from having to seal the window openings shut before I had the frames done.

We also had some help from Casey and Leanne with emphasis on “some”. Casey admitted he couldn’t keep up with Chris.

Tom continued with buffing the gel coat. These two are machines.

Their job from now on is to enjoy the boat. They have definitely earned it.

We had a few visitors as well. Friends of ours came to see Becky before she left. Cayli (a teammate and friend of Maddie’s) and her father Doug stopped by to take a tour.

Yesterday I continued working on the headliner and was able to get a few more panels up.

Now that I won’t have the shop so close to the boat finishing off the headliner and bulkheads will take a bit longer.

Another thing that I wanted to finish was the smaller Corian tops. There were two left to do.

One was for the little side table beside the lower bunk in the mid-berth…

…and the other covers the cabinet that is at the former entrance to the v-berth. This will be divided by a glass panel.

There will be a strip running the width of the opening to cover the gap in the Corian. It will have a groove in it for the glass to sit in. I will continue to update the blog to show all of these areas completed over the next few years…I mean months!!!

I finished installing the support for the cockpit table and so that had to be tested out.

In an effort to dress her up a bit I bought updated Sea Ray decals. Once we have the new black bimini and the 1987 blue has been painted over this will make more sense.

Donald, with the help of Alex and Casey, spent most of the day yesterday installing the dinghy davit. Considering the fact that it had a 56 page instruction book it went very well.

We are looking forward to using this part of the davit. It has a built in hammock attachment.

This is how I sold Leanne on it!

Today was more of a finish-off-what-we-could day and also clean the boat day. My big brother Jim came out to help do the final hook up of the davit and to test it out. I had to give him the easier and less physically challenging jobs. He thinks he’s old. So of course I had the perfect job in mind.

As much as he tried he couldn’t fit in that cabinet. He did the final hook up of the plumbing.

And finally we had the cleaning crew.

My niece Ellen and sister-in-law Leanne spent time cleaning the cockpit and the lower living area.

My daughter Maddie foolishly stopped by to see her cousin…

It was so great to get rid of the tools, flooring covering, dirt, and anything else that no longer needed to be on board. Even though we aren’t entirely finished we are extremely happy with how it turned out.

Here she is on the eve of her leaving. Tomorrow night I hope to be showing photos of her sitting comfortably at her slip.

7 Replies to “One More Sleep…”

  1. Congratulations, MacLean family! As your business partner, I have seen first hand the blood, sweat and tears that have been poured into this massive undertaking! Tomorrow has been a much awaited day and I wish her a safe trip to her new home. Of course, my reward for “allowing” all of your time off over the past number of months, free rent for the boat on our business property and unbridled use of our shop space and tools will be numerous invitations to lounge on the deck out on the water with a fishing pole draped over its side 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course that goes without saying. As long as you can keep the fish on the swim platform we should be good…not that you can actually catch any fish. It has been a long haul hasn’t it? Couldn’t have done it without your understanding.


  2. Hi I am Larry the father of Jim ,Tom, Donald, and Micheal, the guys that are responsible for the super job on this boat, I also have a daughter living in another province that if she could, would love to be able to work along with her brothers on this family affair.
    After spending twenty one plus years in the military, I finally found something I always wanted to do, mill work, so was cabinet making for about fifteen years, and and liked it very much, and got along quite well with it, I don’t think I could compete with Donald and Michael on a project like this.
    I have a great family and when you see them working so well together and with others, it just makes you quite proud.


  3. What an astonishing transformation! It’s been absolutely incredible to observe what’s left of you hair, Mike, slowly turn from jet black to ash grey over the duration of this project. It almost gives one the impression that renovating a 33 year old boat could be a trifling bit nerve wracking and stressful… nah, probably just my imagination.

    Speaking of transformations, the boat itself has experienced something very similar to your own personal arc — just in reverse. From tired, worn, haggard, leaky, dated and mostly broken to a shining jewel of renewal and recaptured youth.

    In all seriousness, I am gobsmacked at the incredible hard work and dedication that you, Donald and the greater Family MacLean (and friends) have invested thus far in Becky’s rebirth (re-berth?). Can’t wait to see how the next big chapter in her story unfolds up at her new home in Wiarton.

    Safe journey tomorrow!


  4. Have an excellent trip down the highway today. I’m sure Becky will be a sight heading down the highway.
    The weather gods are on your side. Looking forward to the Wiarton update.


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