Becky Is In The Water … Finally!

This will be a very quick post! It has been a very long day but a very good day. Our boat is finally in the water and she was still floating as of 3 hours ago when we left Wiarton.

Dan the electrician started the wiring for the helm electronics.

Among other things Donald installed some of the frosted glass panels in the sliding door and worked on the door lock. We have had some issues with it and aren’t entirely sure that it will work. Not sure that it is of the greatest quality.

The black window frame will eventually be covered with a mirrored stainless.

Our friend Jeff thought it would be a nice day for a drive to Wiarton. He took care of one of the leaks in an existing (and abandoned) transducers.

… and here is what we have been waiting for since last August!

She looks fantastic in the water. By the end of the summer she will have her new bimini and the cockpit will be basically done.

Donald is learning the lost art of spiraling the rope at the cleat. Jason was very strict about making sure we did this on our trip last year.

Even the dinghy hit the water today.

For tonight she is at the fuel dock. Tomorrow she will be moved to a dock close to the shop so they can work on her over the next few weeks. Once the helm is finished she will be in her permanent slip.

Leanne and I will be heading up to Wiarton tomorrow evening for our first weekend on the boat.

Stay tuned for more updates.

4 Replies to “Becky Is In The Water … Finally!”

  1. She looks spectacular in the water! It must be a tremendous relief to get the leaking rectified so you can get her wet again — but only on the outside! Hmmm, that sounded unexpectedly salacious. Awkward. Regardless, I’m positively thrilled for the Family MacLean. What wonderful and exciting times lie ahead:)


  2. We are so happy to hear that Becky is afloat ! I understand that you plan to keep the blog going as a record of life aboard Becky, but perhaps it would be a good idea to keep it PG rated ! In other words, we don’t need all of the details of your first weekend on the boat. So proud of team MacLean !


  3. Congratulations!! She looks good in the water and it is hard to imagine all that space below deck! Hope she will give you many hours of enjoyment!


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