Captain Larry

Over the last year we hit a lot of milestones like not having the boat sink when she was in the water and finding out that the engines actually worked but this past weekend was, I think, the best one of all. Our father was able to make the trip up to Wiarton.

We had been waiting for a good stretch of weather so that we might be able to head out on the bay as well. Tom drove him up from Fonthill (a 4 hour trip) on Thursday afternoon and they stayed in a local hotel. He is such a good son … probably the favourite. Friday morning they came to the boat and, after a group effort, we were able to get Poppa on board.

It was a mostly sunny day but the wind was pretty strong so I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about being able to head out. Although my father seemed happy enough to just be on the boat at the marina I really wanted to take him for a short trip.

So we waited to see if the winds would calm down.

… and we waited…

… and waited ….

… and waited ….

Luckily after lunch the winds lessened to the point where I felt comfortable enough to take her out.

Donald is driving the boat in this photo.

Since the swim platform still has to be repaired we kept the speed to around 5 knots. I asked my father if he was interested in driving. I didn’t think an almost 92 year old man could move that fast.

It was still windy out on the open water and he did a great job of keeping the boat going straight while fighting the winds. If anyone was wondering if he enjoyed himself the last photo leaves no doubt.

To say it was a great day out on the boat is a bit of an understatement. Next year we will take him out for a longer trip.

A special thanks to Heather for being ready at the wall and Cam at the dock when we brought her in.

4 Replies to “Captain Larry”

  1. Great post. Dad has been so pumped up this week about his time on Becky ! We may have to start calling him Captain Larry. He is so proud of your combined efforts and had so munch fun piloting the boat. He may try to dock it on his next visit…lol !


  2. I don’t know Mr. 1987searay, but I’d swear that man looks more like one of the MacLean brothers than a father of 92 years! Steady as she goes, Captain Larry!


  3. That is awesome. And at almost 92!!! The smile is worth all the time over the past year. I love following this thread.


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