The KM And Some Other Boat Related Items.

I am falling behind on my blog posts so this will be a short one.

I had the honour of being allowed to work on the KM recently. For those of you who haven’t been following along the KM (or Kobayshi Maroon) is my first experience on a boat trip and she is owned by my friend Jason. I went on a 10 day trip in June of 2019 from Toronto to Ottawa with Jason and our friend Kevin and that is where I found our boat. Just sitting waiting for me to come along.

The KM was blown over in a wind storm last spring and has been in storage while Jason is getting it repaired. The hull repairs are complete and I spent some time in Toronto with Jason getting some cosmetic work done.

I used the 3M eraser to take off the pinstriping.

After about 6 hours of work it was gone. Jason was working hard as well ….

I will keep updating the blog on it’s progress.

As soon as we were allowed to use our boat Leanne and spent our first weekend in Wiarton. It was a little chilly and the electrical systems weren’t fully operational but we enjoyed ourselves.

Only a third of the boats were in the water.

Our neighbours, Cam and Heather, sold their boat and bought a new one. The new owners hired someone to deliver it. It left just after 5 in the morning.

This is one of the five quilts my sister Susan made for us. She doesn’t like to have them in a drawer so they will be used.

It was a beautiful day so we spent some time walking around Wiarton.

We also enjoyed our first meals of 2021. The cockpit is finally starting to look respectable.

I was able to get a few things done as well. I had to get the windlass installed so that it would be ready for the electrician I hired to hook it up. Luc came all the way from Penetanguishene and spent the day taking care of some issues. In the fall I will be getting him to do a full set of drawings for me. It will definitely help me learn how to diagnose any future problems.

Positioning the windlass was more stressful than I thought it would be. Drilling two large holes in the boat is something you don’t do every day.

I painted the exposed core with resin and let that set up. I then applied some Sikaflex to the wood substrate, put on the rubber gasket, and then added another layer. I let this set up for a few hours before putting the windlass in place. It was great having Luc there to help out. The motor is very heavy … especially when working in such a tight spot.

This is a chain locker selfie.

Now it was ready for the anchor but that would have to wait.

I installed the radar dome and Luc hooked it up.

I also installed the new fire suppression system.

This one is just above the electrical panel in the salon.

I had no idea how old the filter for the black water tank was so that had to go.

I was also able to install the new horn.

The stairs and handrail were now polished to a mirror finish and Donald and I put them back in a few weeks ago. We are very happy with them.

Finally my father’s neighbour, Richard, gave us two hand made brass maple leafs for the boat. I will have to find a secure spot for them for sure.

The next blog post will highlight our trip to Lefroy for our new bimini.

2 Replies to “The KM And Some Other Boat Related Items.”

  1. In my defence… it was a full time job just supervising the unskilled labourer I had removing that pinstriping!

    All joking aside, it was great having Mike lend a hand on the KM. In addition to the pinstripe removal, Mike helped me install the new rubrail. Thanks Mike!



  2. This just looks more and more amazing every blog I read! So much has gone into this and it shows! Can’t wait to see you guys and meet her in “person”❤️


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