On The Water Again!

It’s hard to believe but we are now starting our third season of boating. Although we have only left the safety of Colpoy’s Bay once it’s boating nonetheless. Our bank account certainly thinks so.

We were very lucky that the weather was cooperating when we took off the winter cover and put up the bimini.

Donald, Leanne and Giles joined us and we got it done in about 4 hours. I really can’t imagine doing this on a cold and windy day.

I came back up to Wiarton a week later specifically to bump my head … it seemed that way anyway. I can’t even remember what I hit on but I don’t think our boat even felt a thing.

While I was there I installed the final piece of the puzzle for the storage unit in the cockpit. Nelson, our favourite upholstery guy, was able to finish it just in time for the season.

It fits perfectly and the seats don’t rub on the fabric when we open them. It’s easy to open and close and the seats are comfortable enough to sleep on.

My sister Susan supplied us with some colourful covers for pillows.

One of the other projects I am working on is something for the table in the cockpit. We have plenty of seating on the forward side but nothing on the aft side. This photo was from last year when we had just beaten Tom and Chris at euchre. It was an embarrassing loss for them. At least that is how I remember it.

Anyway … Chris is sitting on a single fold down chair which really doesn’t work that well.

Leanne suggested that we make a portable bench. It has to be able to be moved so that we can access the engine room. I made up a very rough mockup to see how her idea worked.

It doesn’t look like much yet but it works very well.

The lower floor is on an angle so I cut the back legs to fit. The final bench will be made from Baltic Birch plywood so it will be lighter. The top will have a cushion that matches the others. Thinking of having the cushion hinged so I can have some extra storage. Much like a piano bench. I’m hoping to have this finished in the next few weeks.

I also took the time to work on the bow lounge chairs. They needed some extra support so I made some outside corner brackets and spray painted them black (in the photo the primer is grey). I also stained the chairs to add some nice colour. Since it’s Ipe I couldn’t apply an actual finishing coat … like a varnish … because it would just peel off. Instead it’s best to stain it.

I asked Nelson to make covers for the cushions so we wouldn’t have to keep taking them in and out all of the time. He added matching straps so that we can use the same domes that the cushions use. I also built (and stained) a small slatted tray that will sit in between the chairs. I don’t have a photo of it in place yet but this one was taken in the shop.

Unstained and unsanded …

Stained …

This photo was taken before I was finished the tray. It fits nicely between the two lounge chairs just in front of the hatch. I made it so we could put books and phones and food on it and things won’t roll off.

We also have new lights in the cockpit.

I started adding panels in the cockpit. This one is for under the arch and has lights.

Here is the port side of the arch. Forgot to take a closeup of the starboard side.

John and Gail came up to join us for a weekend. Up to this point the weather has been pretty cool. It’s almost like we actually had a real spring.

John helped to install our new kayak support brackets. They do a great job of making room on the bow. Pretty solid brackets and the kayaks are easy to remove

John also hooked up my arch lights to a switch on the helm.

Chilly nights. Really appreciating the quilts Susan made.

I think Gail is ignoring me.

I had a cap made in mirrored stainless for the port side opening of the companionway door. I was then able to put on the first of the wall panels on the port side of the cockpit.

This brings us to our next project. I have been convinced by someone to put in some storage in this wall. Whether or not you call them persistent or annoying I have seen the error of my ways.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of room for storage so Donald made up some small boxes for me to slide into whatever space we do have.

They haven’t been fitted yet but the plan is to have doors on each of the boxes and fabric covered panels all around them. The fronts of the doors will also be be covered with fabric so everything will end up flush. Hoping to have this area done in about a month or so.

I installed some acrylic shelves and lights in the vestibule cabinets.

Jason brought William up for a day to finish installing digital controls for the air conditioners. I have mentioned before that I know very little about all things electrical (but I am trying to learn) so I am always grateful for his help on the boat. By “him” I of course mean William.

Our friends Patti and Mark joined us on the boat for a day. Although the weather wasn’t fully co-operating, which meant we couldn’t leave the slip, we all had a great time.

Here are a few images from the last few weeks. Hopefully the next time I upload a post I will have more done on the boat

I hope everyone is enjoying the early summer weather.

Until next time…

4 Replies to “On The Water Again!”

  1. Tom and Chris are dear friends of myself and my husband. We enjoy the pictures of the boat and the progress on it. Mario and Lisa


  2. I just want to say how awe inspiring this is, I have the same boat as you and Jeff. I am Skybolt on Sea Ray forums and I just can’t believe all of this. I only recently found your blog as I have been quite busy with mine, but to say that after reading all of this is almost funny. I can only say shake my head is dis-belief and say WOW! what a fantastic job.



    1. Hi Orlando
      Thank you very much. I have said many times I really don’t know how we did it and I don’t know where we will find the time or energy to finish it. Do you have a blog as well? Of you do please send me the link.



      1. Hi Michael, I don’t, just scattered pic’s on club sea ray forums. I have often thought of putting up something to commemorize things but haven’t gotten around to it just yet. Mine only has slight customizations to it compared to what you have done. And more in the way of electronics including digital switching etc.

        PM me through CSR and I will send you some pics or use the email from this registration and I will send them. I love reading about what has been done here, truly very special and you should be very proud of what has been accomplished.


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