In The Beginning…

It was love at first sight…at least for me it was. I was on a 10 day boat trip from Toronto to Ottawa (Hereafter referred to as ILCH 2019) with my good friends Kevin and Jason. We stopped in at a marina near Manotick to refuel Jason’s boat when I saw her.

Time will tell whether or not I will blame Kevin or thank him but when he asked me, “You know it’s for sale…right?” he started a chain of events that would lead to me actually owning a boat.

In the immortal words of the Boss himself…

“You ain’t a beauty but, hey, you’re alright”

This is a blog all about the Macleans bringing this beauty back to life.

This was my first view of my boat…
Me with Jason in the middle and Kevin on the right. They look happy because they love watching me spend money
This photo is to give you an idea of the size of the boat.

Please feel free to check in at any time to check on our progress. I will be posting some videos on YouTube from time to time as well.

5 Replies to “In The Beginning…”

  1. Ahoy! Best of luck with this grand undertaking, Family MacLean! Restoring an old boat to her former glory will unquestioningly be an immensely gratifying experience… only rivaled by the immense quantities of blood, sweat and tears that will be needed to pull it off. Whatever you may encounter on this journey, I am confident that it will be a magnificently entertaining process for Kev and me to watch from far far away. After all, we do so love seeing Mike spend money. Lots and lots of money.


    PS: From that picture of the three of us it is immediately apparent that I am the one true pot of gold, while Mike and Kev are merely leprechauns.


  2. My husband and I admired her and thought that she was meant for someone who would appreciate the craftsmanship of a wonderful Sea Ray. We can’t wait to see how she turns out in your loving care! Wishing you a much fun on your restoration journey. Remember when all is said and done….she’s still a Sea Ray. How can you go wrong!


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