“My Boat”

I want to come clean and admit I made a mistake. In my first blog I used the possessive determiner “my” instead of “our” when referring to the boat. I apologize to all of you who were deeply offended by this oversight. It is a MacLean family project and as such I stand corrected.

I went to see our boat again today to do some investigating. Now that “we” own the boat I thought it was pretty safe to start opening up the walls to see what was behind them.

The following photos show how the boat looked when I first saw it. I figured I would put them on the blog before we started tearing this thing apart.

The clock is ticking … It is going to arrive at my door step on Tuesday August 13th.

The main salon down below.
Looking aft from the main v-berth toward the galley (have to use the proper marine lingo)
The galley
The helm or bridge…. driver’s seat…
Same area.
The “Head” or washroom.
Standing at the bow (front) of the boat looking toward the stern (back).

My next post won’t be until it arrives in St Jacobs. At some point after that I will put a video up on YouTube showing the work in progress.

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