It’s Boat-eve!

We are finally getting our boat tomorrow morning. It was delayed a few days because of government beaurocracy but the day is finally here. Just in time too. Traditionally a gift for your first anniversary is paper… 10th is tin… 25th is silver… coincidentally the gift for your 27th is fibreglass.

Here she is leaving for her new home
I hope she likes us.

We will be changing the name of the boat but Leanne also wanted to give her name that we can use regularly. Instead of saying “let’s go to the boat this weekend” or “how are we going to afford to keep the boat” we are naming her Becky.

If you watched How I Met Your Mother you might remember this person….

This was Becky from the BoatsBoatsBoats commercial. Now Leanne can tell everyone that I am spending too much time with Becky.

I will have another update tomorrow night.

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