You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking A Few Eggs

One of the most difficult parts of writing a blog is what to name each post…or chapter. I was going to call this one “It’s Go Time”, which sounds pretty cheesey, or “Let The Fun Begin” but that already happened the day it arrived.

The photos will tell you why I chose this one…

All I can say is it was fun.

I thought I would give Donald a chance to relax and get away from working on his house.
Pretty sure Casey will be “sick” the next time I ask him for help.
This is scary!!!
Can’t get much more Canadian than this. That’s Maddie in the background.

At this point we are about 1/3 done with the demolition and will have to be more strategic with what we are going to remove now.

One part of the boat that I haven’t shown yet is what I actually purchased….according to the marina. When I first called them to ask about it they told me that the actual boat itself wasn’t what they were selling. In fact I just heard that they were going to have the hull scrapped soon.

These are what I actually bought…

Caterpillar 3208’s
375 HP … These things are huge.
Very large generator…has been fully refurbished.

I like to think that we are saving her life.

Hopefully we are still talking when we are finished.

Over the next week I am hoping that we will have the demo done and can start fine tuning the layout.

2 Replies to “You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking A Few Eggs”

  1. Please please please tell me that you’re keeping that luxurious sapphire blue shag carpeting! That’s actually what you purchased — not those silly engines. The marina doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Looking forward to see it lovingly rolled back out once the reno is complete.


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