Blast Off

I haven’t been able to spend too much time working on the boat in the past few days but have definitely been able to add to the mess in what little time I did.

The garbage bin wasn’t available but that wasn’t going to stop me.

What did I say before about making omlettes?
I took out the closet in the corner of the v-berth
Making progress in taking out the v-berth head.
I might stick with this colour scheme.

Part of my plan was to remove the sliding door to the lower living area and have it refinished. It is metal and had a bad paint job.

This is what it looked like…
And here it is now…

When I started taking it apart I realized the wood around it was rotten and the sliding door itself wasn’t going to come apart in one piece…or two…or even three….but hey….who doesn’t love a challenge?

You might be wondering why the garbage bin wasn’t available. This is where the title I chose was so incredibly clever. The company I hired to remove the antifoul paint started today and they basically sand blast the paint off. It is incredibly effective.

Donald and I fought the wind getting the boat covered with a tarp. A big boat needs some big tarps.
Kevin and Jeremy working at blasting off the paint.
It eats through the layers of paint quickly getting down to the primer.
Most of the surface of the hull is like this. All it needs is a good sanding.
About three square feet at the bow on both the port and starboard is like this. I will need to clean each one of those holes out and fill with a special resin that I can sand.

Over the next 2 days I am hoping to have the demolition done and cleaned up. If everyone can be here at 8 am on Saturday I would appreciate it.

I call this “Hull At Sunset”

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