Into Everyone’s Life A Little Rain Must Fall And Then Slowly, Over Time, Must Rot Out The Floor Of Your Boat…

I think the title says it all.

It was promising to be a productive day. There were going to be 5 of us working on the boat today. My brother Tom came today to help me and Donald, Casey (yes…Casey can’t seem to stay away) and Alex.

We were going to get so much done. I mentioned to Donald we should take up the floor in the galley thinking we would gain an inch or so in height. What we found was this…

Water…and rotten plywood….and rotten floor joists.

The more we opened up the more rot we found.


He IS smiling…

It took us about 6 hours to sort this mess out. We removed all of the rotten wood and I will let it dry out over the next week. Next weekend we will attack it again.

I was in the boat yesterday while it was raining and I did discover a couple of small leaks so I had a feeling we were going to find something.

We put a tarp over the windshield and will keep it there until the winter tarp arrives in October. The source of the leaks are a couple of fasteners for the windshield. Have to take care of that….

The ultimate workhorse…..Tom!
Finally a picture of me…
….and I’m working….
Alex filling the pockmarked hull with Marine-tex….. he desperately needs a hair cut.
Kind of a hot mess…
Took out the stairs

Yesterday I removed the 6 small oval windows in the v-berth and have ordered replacements

The big question now is do we keep the step down into the galley or do we fill in the floor and have it all on one level? I have a week to think about it.

At this point I am optimistic that we will be done by June of next year. Let’s see where we are in January!

One Reply to “Into Everyone’s Life A Little Rain Must Fall And Then Slowly, Over Time, Must Rot Out The Floor Of Your Boat…”

  1. At this rate you guys are going to end up with an awesome shell for a 46′ long hot tub in no time! At what point do you intend to let soggy sleeping floorboards lie, and just look the other way?


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