Too Tired To Make A Title

This is going to be a short post tonight. It has been a long day of work. Donald was at the boat at 8 this morning and Casey and I showed up at 8:30.

We filled up another bin and my decision to take everything down to the fibreglass hull was validated today. We took out a bit of rotten wood and we think that it is from years of moisture condensing on the inside of the hull. There are products that can take care of this but I don’t think that this boat has been looked after properly in the past.

It might seem like Donald is the only one working but no one takes pictures of me!
I managed to convince Casey to come back.
The galley.
Pretty sure there has been a very small fire in this boat’s history.
The Fein saw works very well to clean the vinyl foam backing off of the fibreglass. Once again…I was working too!
Starting to open the walls up completely. This is looking aft from the galley toward the stern.
The ensuite head is history now.
Changing the layout a bit. The entrance to the v-berth will be off to the right now. We are trying to take advantage of the light coming it from the hatches.

Another full day will clean up the demolition and then we move on to start building.

I did promise Leanne that I will finish the front porch …..

6 Replies to “Too Tired To Make A Title”

  1. Whew! For a minute there I thought that you had foolishly chosen to pull up all of that spectacular royal blue carpeting. Glad to see that its plush pile is still safe and sound in that picture with Casey. Few would dare debate how classy it makes the boat look (the shag, not Casey).

    Is there a point though where you might put down your camera for a few minutes and pick up a tool to help, Mike? It sure seems like Donald and Casey are doing the lion’s share of the work. Maybe a little less cinematography and a lot more scraping? Just sayin’.


  2. If I actually did some work I would be too tired to write this blog …. Then there would be a couple of whiny fans out there who would complain. So no…I will keep taking photos.


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