Rot is bad….

It may seem like an obvious statement but, when you are on your hands and knees scraping away years of rotten wood, it REALLY is disgusting. The smell was horrible. I have no idea how the rest of boat didn’t smell the same. Here is a photo of the floor beneath where the water tanks were.

I am happy to report that Donald and I have been able get rid of it all. All this damage seemed to be a result of one…small…single leak. It was so small that it never affected the wall finishes.

This is what it looks like after hours of work and having two fans blowing on it overnight. You can see the exposed fibreglass of the bottom of the boat. I sprayed it completely with pure bleach as well. May have to hit it again.

This coming Saturday Donald and I will finally be able to start rebuilding the floor joists and lay down new marine plywood.

Not that this was all about rot….

We started installing the 3/4″ marine plywood to the ceiling of the v-berth.

Donald is working on transferring a cardboard template of the ceiling on to plywood.

The plywood is to both firm up the soft spot in the fibreglass on the bow and to give me a surface to apply a vinyl headliner to the ceiling in the v-berth.

Here is a photo of the design that is my inspiration for how I want the room to look.

2 Replies to “Rot is bad….”

  1. Excellent blog! Very entertaining and educating. What’s interesting to me is that the interior of the boat before you tore it apart really didn’t look that bad. Who would have thought all this was under there. It’s amazing what can lurk behind cosmetics. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to view my blog and comment. We are looking forward to getting past the demolition phase entirely and moving on to building but need to make sure everything is gone. Keep watching…it is a long project.


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