A Little More Demolition…

This is a quick post to bring everyone up to date on what is going on with the boat renovation. It has been pretty quiet since I was away last weekend but this weekend will be busy.

This afternoon Donald and I started installing floor joists and repaired the main stringer where it was rotten in the middle. We basically built up layers of 3/4″ marine plywood gluing it to the hull and to the solid section of the existing stringer creating a new one. Between each of the 3 layers we used a marine adhesive.

This product is amazing. You can actually use it under water if you had to.

Tomorrow the four MacLean brothers will be working on the boat and we hope to have the plywood floor installed.

We will also be fixing a couple of leaks that I found and it will be just in time. Sunday we are supposed to get a lot of rain.

I also removed the last of the rotten wood. There was a double layer of plywood running up the centre of the keel that was rotten and smelled really bad

Now it’s out and I have a couple of fans on it to start removing the remaining water that has saturated the bottom couple of inches of the expanded foam insulation. I figure it will take a week or so to dry it out

As the foam drys out it should pull the moisture that is further in to the front. I will be getting a moisture meter and will be able to read it through the hull to see when it is finally dry. At that point I will reinstall a new plywood spine in the hull and will fibreglass it in.

More updates tomorrow..

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