Cardboard And Masking Tape

I realized today that cardboard and masking tape are probably two of the most underrated and unappreciated building materials out there. Ok…that might be a bit of a hyperbole but they are valuable when trying to renovate the interior of a boat.

As much as I think I am capable of visualizing things, when it comes to the unique lines of the hull, I find myself struggling. This is where cardboard and masking tape come in.

In trying to layout the v-berth there are too many surfaces and angles to be able to wing it. This morning I built a mockup of a part of the main bedroom.

It may be hard to tell from the photos but spending about an hour on this allowed us to see how the wall panels and bed will work together.

We have the angles figured out and can take measurements off of the mockup to start building the structure. I am pretty sure the real thing will take a lot longer.

Most of the day was spent putting up the rest of the 1/2″ plywood on the ceiling. Got it all done.

We will leave the supports in for a few days until the adhesive fully cures.

The process of prepping the ceiling for the adhesive is time consuming and messy. There is a lot of residue from the original headliner that is on the ceiling. The vinyl came off easily but there was alot of the foam backing still on the ceiling and we had to scrape it off first with a Fein saw so that we didn’t end up gumming up the sander.

This is me using the Fein saw to get rid of the sticky backing. The following two photos show part of the ceiling before and after I sanded it. We didnt sand the entire ceiling…just small circles where we put the adhesive.


After…you can see the circle created by the palm sander. I used 40 Grit paper to get it down to the fibreglass. This gives a clean surface for the adhesive.

I put another piece of Corian on the walls of the washroom.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Canada so I will be too full to attempt to do any work on the boat. On Monday I will take down the supports and will do some more work with Corian. Will update the blog at that time.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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