We Cut It Twice And It’s Still Too Short…

This is an old joke but is very relevant to this past Boat Day. For the most part things have been going very well so far so it was inevitable that there had to at least one “bad” day. At least in Donald’s opinion it was.

He had some issues matching the starboard side of the v-berth to the port side and ended up taking most of the day getting it right. He eventually did.

The work started with a lot of the electrical being removed earlier in the week. I had Dan send me photos of the wiring issues that he encountered which confirmed our decision to replace it all.

Scary stuff…

Here is one of components he took out.

The new wire will be installed starting this week. Next weekend I will starting the wiring for the lights in the v-berth.

Donald made the plywood backing for the seating in the eating area. This will be going off to our upholsterer this week.

As I mentioned Donald was eventually able to match the angles of the panels in the v-berth.

This area will be finished off next weekend. At that point we can start working on the panels for the headliner. We are hoping to have the v-berth completed in about 3 weeks. This area is easily the most complicated area to finish off..

Tom and Chris came back to help clean the windshield frames that we took out a couple of weeks ago. They worked all day to clean the black sealant off and Tom figures he still has a full day left. Once these are clean we will start the process of polishing the aluminum to a mirror finish.

I did the final sanding of the Corian on the head and now just have to do some caulking

All we have left is to make a door for the cabinet, install the shower door, and trim out the glass panel to the mid-berth.

I was able to make a mock up of the table for the eating area. We will be having a custom table made with a compass rose inlaid in the top with veneer.

Here it is in the “down” position. This is to convert it to a bed.

In the “up” position.

I removed one of the existing hatches to see how easy it will be to clean up the sealant.

It was a very cold and sunny day so the temperature on the bow was perfect to work on removing the teak from the windlass area.

I had to drill out the wood plugs to get to the screws.

That’s all for now. Check back this time next week.

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