Feeling The Pressure!

We are getting to the point where we no longer have the luxury of time on our side. We still feel confident that we will make it but, as we get closer to the 100 day mark, I have to admit that we are starting to feel the pressure.

It is a self imposed deadline but it is one we are determined to meet.

We took the previous Saturday off so it was good to get back to boat day….and it was a cold one.

Our electricians ran most of the wiring and I cut in the outlets. Since I’m not much of an electrician my friend John came out to help me hook up them up.

Although it might not seem like a lot each one of the outlets took a while to cut.

Since we are putting in a TV I ran an HDMI cable from the one end of the v-berth to the other. This way we will be able to use our iPad to watch movies and not rely on wifi at the marina.

I also started running the low voltage wires for the lighting. Here I have installed one of the bedside lights.

We also started making the chaise lounges for the bow. Here are a couple of drawings I did to design it

Donald is very close to being finished in the v-berth. This easily is the most time consuming area on the boat. The number of angles made every piece a challenge…for Donald. He logged a lot of steps walking back and forth to the shop.

Other than a few top caps and small panels he is done in here. I took over and started laying out the ceiling lights and headliner panels.

In this photo I have the small pot lights in place. Once I have the ceiling finished I will install them permanently.

Casey came by to spend a couple of hours cleaning the aluminum windshield frames. We have decided to have these powdercoated black.

Without exaggeration this is easily the most boring and tedious job. All of the original sealant has to be completely removed.

We also received the aluminum sliding door frames for the entrance from the cockpit. At the moment these are just unfinished aluminum and we were just fitting them. They will now be sent to be anodized so we can install them. Once everything is fitted and installed they will be covered with a mirrored stainless trim. Very excited to get these in place.

We want to get everything in the lower berth finished by the end of April so that May is spent exclusively on the exterior.

…the marathon continues!

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