No Title This Week!

As I sit here thinking about what to name this week’s blog post (which is the hardest part of doing a blog) I am making a mental list of all the things we have to do to make our deadline and I am getting less confident the closer we get. The main reason is we keep adding to that list.

For the most recent addition I will blame the internet.

I was watching some videos on how to install our new hatches when I noticed one on rebedding cleats and stanchions. I have to assume that they have never been touched since the boat was made and there are a lot of bolts going through that hull. This is a two person job because someone has to go below deck to stop the nut from turning as the other backs off the bolt. Next Saturday I will do a few to see how long it will take me.

Now back to what we did this weekend. Friday afternoon Donald and I finally managed to take out the old windlass.

This is a photo of Donald removing the last screw.

After removing 4 large bolts we still had to cut a hardened steel pipe that connected the motor from the part of the windlass that sat above deck.

Out came the grinder.

We finally got it out and were able to take the last piece of teak off. It was then that we noticed the damage.

There is a broken spot in the bow about 8″ x 8″ that I will have to re-glass. Other than that it will just be filling all of the holes and then applying a new coat of gelcoat. This all has to be done before we can put down the Ipe strips and finally install the new windlass.

This is the area that will have to be fixed. We will be tackling this next weekend.

After a quick sanding and cleaning it looks like this. There is a bit of exposed fiberglass but a few layers of gelcoat should fix that.

I started on the helm this weekend. This plywood base will be what I fiberglass over so it has to be pretty well exactly what we want. Not much of a chance to change it later.

A final sanding will clean up the corners. I should have this finished next weekend as well so I can get started with the fiberglass.

Tom and Chris were back again to finish up with the frames. I should be able to take them to get powder coated this week.

Since they got that done they decided to clean up the mess outside the boat. It looked much better when it was covered with snow and we couldn’t see everything we tossed out.

Donald got working on the galley and installed another cabinet. Although we have a basic plan this kitchen is really being thought up as we go along.

We had a few visitors on Saturday. My sister Susan is visiting from New Brunswick and came to see our boat with my nephew Matthew. Susan will be making us quilts for the beds. Looking forward to seeing those.

We received the cushions for the main salon and were pretty excited about installing them…although only temporarily. They fit perfectly. The guy we had make them is named Nelson and he did a great job.

They are out now and safely wrapped up but it was great to have them in if only just for a little while.

Our electrician will be back this week to continue with his work.

Warmer weather ahead means a more comfortable work site. We are hoping we are done with the snow.

Until next weekend.

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