Spring Is In The Air…

We are now into double digits in our countdown. Spring weather has arrived (for now anyway) and, because of daylight savings time, there is more daylight to work with.

We have decided to add another project to the seemingly endless list of things to do before June 15th.

On Friday night I took my computer to the boat in order to redesign the helm.

We want to modernize it and make it more streamlined. Here is a photo of the helm as it is now.

There are too many uneven surfaces and openings that are no longer needed. We want to make the helm blend in more.

Here is a 3D view of the helm as it is now minus the panel openings.

We have to allow for the chart plotter to fit into the helm so here is how it will look after we are done…hopeully.

Wish us luck!

Saturday started early as usual. I had mentioned several times that Donald is the actual talent on this project so I am relegated first to design, second to helping Donald install the millwork and finally the smaller filler jobs. We are replacing the windshield glass so I made up templates to bring to our glass supplier.

Another job that has to get done is to remove the plexiglass in the port and starboard windows. Before we had the winter cover I had to seal up one of the windows to stop a leak and, as usual, I used way too much duct tape. Now I have to take it off.

Here is a photo of the starboard side window with the plastic and tape on.

Two hours later…

I was able to get the one piece of plexiglass out in only five pieces. I guess it is a little brittle after 32 years.

I was going to replace it anyway.

We are really looking forward to the day the winter cover comes off and the old bimini goes back on. That will be a big cleaning day.

And then there are these two!

I keep giving them the worst job and they keep coming back.

It took us a while to separate two of the windshield frames.

They are connected together by sliding one side of one frame into a channel on the other. Using a rubber mallet and a block of wood we managed to final get them apart.

Tom and Chris spent all day cleaning them and now these frames are ready for powder coating.

Donald wanted to get started on something bigger for this boat day so we started on the galley. This is going to be different than the rest of the boat’s cabinets. More on that later.

This is old school. No computers were used in the making of these cabinets.

This is the first of the galley cabinets. The sink will eventually be undermounted in the Corian top.

We also picked up our dinghy this past week.

98 days and counting. Lots more to do so we have to keep pushing. Check back next week to see how the next boat day works out.

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