A Beautiful July Weekend.

… and the summer fun continues.

We had been watching the weather and waiting for a nice to day invite my business partner Terry and his friends Jen and Jeff up to the boat. The plan was to go out and anchor in Kidd Bay at White Cloud Island.

Leanne and I hadn’t had a chance to go there yet and we were looking forward to it.

We had to take our standard boat portrait.

As I was picking photos for this post I realized there was an inordinate number of photos of Terry with his shirt off and this unfortunately limited my choices.

Once you got over the fear of following out of the hammock it became an amazing place to relax.

Look away if you have a sensitive constitution.

Our guests took the dinghy out to check things out around the island. I would have preferred it if Terry had used one of our other lifejackets … they covered more.

After a satisfying lunch everyone took a little time to relax.

… and some needed to have a nap …

Another great Friday on the water that looks as though it will become a yearly tradition.

Leanne and I then waited for our next guests to arrive on Sunday.

On Sunday Erin and Giles made the trip to Wiarton and brought Maddie with them. We were getting very lucky with the weather so headed back out on anchor.

Once again … the standard portrait.

Here Giles is attempting to give us a knot tying lesson.

Once again this was a post heavy with photos and light on words. At some point I will catch up.

More posts to come….

8 Replies to “A Beautiful July Weekend.”

  1. That post is what it’s all about…. So glad you’re enjoying the great effort you put into the boat…. Cheers


  2. Despite your obsession with my abs and physique, we very much enjoyed a day out on the water and for the first time I felt like I got a return on investment for all of the time and resources that this (continued) project has stripped from our company 🙂


  3. Wow great work!!! I have read through all your posts. Amazing journey on this project and the satisfaction of accomplishing this full restoration. Any insight into the amount of labor hours it took and approximate budget on materials. I am in the process of looking at a few 1987-1989 460 EC’s and had some ideas of refitting the layout. When moving interior walls was any consideration made in regards to hull strength / integrity . I am not sure in the original layout if the interior walls were designed with aesthetics only or if some of the angles and locations were specific to the structural integrity of the hull while at sea. I believe there were two layouts from the factory one with king master suite, one full head and convertible cabin another with a queen master suite, two full heads and convertible cabin..


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