A Mid Summers Post

Ok… this post will have a lot of photos with as little description as possible. I really do have to catch up.

The weekend of July 10th our friends John and Gail came for a visit. On the Friday night it was a bit cool as we sat out on the bow loungers.

This was the photo that John was ok with me taking….

This is the one he wasn’t so ok with …

On the Saturday the weather was perfect so we headed out to Little Port Elgin Bay for the afternoon. To make things easier I will now refer to that area as LPEB.

I just realized I didn’t get any photos of Gail … must have run out of film or something!

I managed to install the final ceiling panel in the salon area (and was able to put in another hatch screen). Yup … 3 more years and I will be almost completely done.

The next weekend Susan and Juanita came up to join us. Once again it was a bit cool on the Friday night …

Susan’s quilts are very much appreciated.

… and beautiful on the Saturday. Donald and Leanne came up for the day so we headed back out to LPEB.

That centre hatch is perfect for serving guests. Here I am with my sister in law Leanne. If you are confused my wife’s name is Leanne too.

Here are a lot of photos of people relaxing and having a good time.

It looks like Leanne is holding court on the bow …

As promised this was a short post. Once in a while you have to phone one in to make the others look better.

I do have one more thing to talk about. I will jump ahead to this past weekend for a moment . Tom and Chris joined us on Sunday and stayed until yesterday. If you have been following along you might remember that Leanne and I haven’t had much luck playing Euchre with them. I think things are finally turning around because we beat them 4 games to 3.

It was a good day!

Tom is trying to hide the pain here.

I have a few more weekends to blog about and will try to get them done soon.

Until then enjoy the summer!

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