The Smell Is Gone!!!!

Well…most of it anyway. The interior is now smelling more like a construction site than a stagnant pond. We are much closer to having a finished floor now and it feels great building instead of tearing things apart.

Donald and Tom spent the day finishing off the new floor supports and installing new plywood on the starboard side. This weekend I will be applying fibreglass to any plywood that comes in contact with the hull to make it waterproof and strengthen the contact with the fibreglass on the hull. It is critical that I sand the hull to clean it and expose the existing fibreglass. This means more itchy forearms this weekend.

Jim and I spent part of the day installing the new oval windows in the v-berth.

We did a light sanding around the perimeter of the windows to give the 3M adhesive a clean surface to connect with. If the price is any indication of quality this adhesive must be amazing.

Part of the renovation is actually done. I have 6 new windows now.

Jim and I started looking at the plumbing system to decide what we will need to keep and what to eliminate. We also took out the seating in the cockpit and bridge.

I found a new small leak in ceiling in the galley.

I covered this little crack on the exterior with duct tape for now…

… and will take care of any exterior work in the spring. For now I am concentrating on the interior. This weekend I will add fibreglass to the interior to seal the leak. Hoping for lots of rain over the next few weeks to make sure that I got them all.

That’s it for now….

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