Winter Is Coming….

I thought I would borrow a line from GOT for this post. I never watched it but heard it was pretty good if you like violence and nudity and more violence. I am in a race against time to get as many marine plywood panels glued to the interior hull as possible before the temperature drops consistently below 5 degrees Celsius. That is the minimum the adhesive needs to cure properly. The more panels I can get installed the more cabinets and wall panels I can put in over the winter… don’t need adhesive for that.

Before I continue I realized today that I never mentioned that my first renovation video is up on my YouTube channel now. Here is the link….

It’s my first one so please be gentle…

I am in the process of working on my second now.

This weekend I was on my own and also had actual “work” to do….the kind that makes me money so that I pay for the boat….so I basically cleaned up the interior, ran temporary duct tape around the top of the gunwale (pronounced gunnel) and worked on the finishes in the washroom.

I started by installing a backer panel to the ceiling so that I could attach a Corian panel to it.

I then installed a Corian panel on to the floor. I am trying to maintain a maintenance free surface to the washroom (hereafter referred to as the head) and get rid of the beautiful 1987 Robin’s egg blue colour.

I then cut a piece for the floor and glued that down after sanding the existing acrylic.

The gaps around the edges will be covered with vertical Corian panels

Hopefully I will have another post by Wednesday showing more done to the walls of the head.

I ran duct tape around the outside of the boat along what is called the gunwale. This is basically the seam where the top half and bottom half are joined together. On our boat this is covered by a hard rubber rail with a stainless insert. Once the winter cover is installed in late October I will be removing all of the rail (about 115 feet of it) to clean up over the winter. Next spring before I reinstall it I will run a bead of that really expensive 3M caulking along the seam to seal it. I discovered that one of my two final leaks is from that joint. The next rain will tell me if I got the second one.

More later….

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