Anybody Have A Spare Winter Cover??

We still don’t have the winter cover for the boat and don’t know when it will be ready. Apparently the company that will be making it is extremely busy. So busy that they haven’t even come out to measure for it yet.

And we had snow on the ground on Friday morning.

Boat Day actually started on Thursday night. Donald and I spent a few hours after work getting a bit done to prepare for Saturday.

I fibreglassed in the centre “spine” I glued in last week. It didn’t have to be pretty since it will be covered up with an under-the-floor storage area.

The temperature was supposed to drop to about 2 degrees (celcius) over night so I used a special hardener that speeds up the curing and is made for colder temperatures.

Since winter is just around the corner it was obviously time to pick up the air conditioners. The have been completely overhauled and cleaned and are working perfectly now. At least I was told they are. Won’t know until next year when she is the water.

The third air conditioner is now being repaired. Yes…there are 3 units in this boat. Seems like overkill but they must have had a reason 32 years ago.

As I mentioned the boat cover isn’t here yet but we still need to be ready for when it’s done. The plan is to refinish the black hard rubber bumper and stainless trim that covers the gunwale over the winter so those will need to come off before the cover goes on.

So we got Tom on it…

If you need something done… call Tom. He will keep working at it until it is done.

While Donald and I were working inside staying reasonably warm and dry Tom was out braving the elements.

Once the cover comes off in the spring we will reinstall the bumper and seal it with this…

While Tom was outside Donald and I were working on the bulkheads in the v-berth.

Fitting the angled bulkheads properly isn’t easy. Since they are uneven we had to first glue in blocking and then fasten plywood to the blocking. We are basically making it up as we go.

You can see the plywood strips in behind that we glued the angled face of the bulkhead to. We used a digital angle finder to make sure that both sides of the v-berth are even.

I glued down the flooring to the platform in the seating area.

We don’t have to install flooring over the entire platform since the seating will cover some of it. The flooring isn’t cheap so we don’t want to use it where we don’t need to.

Casey stopped by to help me with the electronics on the helm. The gauges and switches on the panels are going to replaced (as are the panels themselves) so we needed to label every wire to make it easy on the spring to install them.

Should be no problem… right? I will be calling on my friend Jason sometime in April I think. thanks

Juanita and Brittany stopped by.

There were a few screws that were stripped and so Tom had to drill them out.

We finally allowed him to come in from the cold. Here he is stripping the silicon from the walls of what used to be the v-berth shower.

Donald started building the bases for the seating on the platform. He will be building in drawers at the open ends.

He also fitted and installed another wall panel in the v-berth. This will be the door to the v-berth. It’s really starting to take shape.

I finished off the panels on the helm and was able to remove them all.

This panel on the helm…

Relates to this…

Here is a photo of the helm with and without the panels. We will be sending the panels to a company in Florida and they will make new ones for us.

The plan now is to sand the entire helm and paint it. The painting may have to wait until spring.

That’s it for this week. The countdown continues….

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