Our winter cover will be here soon. I think. More on that later.

Boat Day started on Thursday when Donald and I started working on the floor access hatches. I had some templates made on a CNC and we tried one out.

The first of 3 pieces for each floor access was the template to cut out the proper size opening. In these photos Donald is cutting the plywood on the floor with a router.

The second template is for the bottom cleat that will hold the hatch in place. The third is for the actual hatch. This fits with a perfect 1/8″ gap.

On to the winter cover now

Here Donald is making up the pieces that make up the wood kit to build the support structure for the winter cover.

I did more than just take photos

John was there to help us. Kevin and Jason didn’t show up.

I will let the photos tell the story.

I drew out the kit using CAD

We finished just in time.

The person measuring for the cover is coming on Tuesday and we should be getting it on Saturday. Should be.

No rain in the near future. Snow but no rain.

3 Replies to “Finally…”

  1. Kev, wasn’t this supposed to be the blog post where Mike was to lavishly fete the two of us for the many pivotal contributions we both have made to this project (mostly text message memes and relentless ridicule)? And yet, “John” gets notable mention here merely for taking time away from his family over multiple weekends to drive out to St. Jacobs and physically contribute his skills and talents to actually help make this endeavour a reality.

    Doesn’t seem fair, does it Kev?


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