Becky Is As Snug As A Bug In A Rug!

The long awaited day has finally arrived. The boat was measured for the winter cover on Tuesday and it was ready on Wednesday. They made it in one day!! The universe may not hate me after all.

I had been watching the weather all week and my biggest concern was that it was going to warm up enough for it to rain. I would be ok with snow but not rain. The forecast said it would be -5 but feel like -12. That is about 23 degrees Fahrenheit (feels like 16).

But it would be sunny!

I decided to have a fire going all day to help keep us warm.

Tom and Chris arrived at 8:00 this morning ready to work. We removed the hard rubber bumper rail that covered the gunwale.

Jim finally showed up to help.

We had to wait until the day we put on the winter cover before we removed it since this is where the leaks were happening.

We started to remove the windlass with plans to get it refinished and fix the motor. We couldn’t figure out how to get it out. We may need some help.

I worked at starting to remove the fasteners for the windshield. Several of the screws were stripped which will make the job a lot more difficult.

I also worked at taking off the windshield wiper motors. I am hoping that they can be saved but they looked pretty rusty.

After adding foam padding to the top of the ridgepole we were ready to put it up.

There are four pieces in total which are held together by a zipper.

Here is Casey securing the straps

It should be obvious who the youngest (and best looking) brother is.

We were supplied with a few rolls of straps and we needed them. This a wide boat.

Immediately it started feeling warmer inside.

Donald had to endure the warmth of the shop most of the day.

He was working on a few items for the boat. Here he is building another bunk for the seating/table area.

He made the end panel for the v-berth with the access to the windlass.

He had to build the bunks higher to accomodate the airconditioner. I forgot to allow for them.

He also installed the new bunk and back panel for the seat back cushions.

She is covered and ready for whatever winter can throw at her.

We have the fresh water tank now and will be installing that next Saturday. We should then be ready to start putting down the flooring once that is done.

Still no sign of Kevin and Jason!

Stay tuned…

5 Replies to “Becky Is As Snug As A Bug In A Rug!”

  1. Wow, that first photo almost looks like some post-apocolytic rebel encampment.

    Great to see that Becky finally has her cozy shawl. It’ll be a lot warmer to work inside now — especially when the sun comes out.


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