Happy Birthday Tom!

Since today is my brother Tom’s birthday I decided to give him the day off.

We are having the plumbing done by a marine plumber and they are starting next week. Because of that I focused on installing the new fresh water tank and clearing the wall that divides the lower berth from the engine room. More on that later.

Although we already cut out the opening for the floor access panel for the subfloor storage we didn’t put in the cleat the panel sits on.

Here I am laying down cutting out part of the original plywood floor to allow for the cleat. We had a cleat cut by CNC at the same time that we made the panel and the template for cutting the opening. I think this is the reason why I am so sore tonight.

This piece extends 5/8″ into the opening and gives the panel a solid cleat to sit on.

Donald is cutting out the access for the grey water tank for the shower.

We also installed the fresh water tank to get ready for the plumber next week.

We needed to make sure we had access to the intakes in the tank. We be installing a water tank level indicator in the spring. This opening will be hidden under the fridges.

This is how much of the top of the tank we can see.

Donald focused on the v-berth today. We decided to not have the bed lift up to get to the storage underneath. I’ve seen this in a lot of boats. Instead we will install a deeper cabinet in the front to store pillows. Since there will be a few families sharing this boat in will be nice to keep our own pillows there.

It may look like the bed is going to be really wide but we will be adding to this later.

Another thing we did today was remove all of the electrical components and wires…and there was a lot.

My friend John was out again to help with this.

This is what it used to look like…

And here it is now…

All gone!

We decided to replace all of the wiring in the boat. Instead of trying to have the electrician work through the mess that was here we felt it would ultimately be cheaper and overall safer to start fresh.

There will be no boat day and blog next Saturday. I will be away but will be returning the first weekend in December to start putting down the flooring. We are really looking forward to that.

Still no Kevin and Jason…

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

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