189 Days!

In 189 days our boat will be loaded on a trailer and delivered to her new home in Wiarton, Ontario. This countdown helps keep us focused on the end date but it also gives me an easy post title. Some days…most days actually…I can’t come up with anything clever so this is more or less phoning it in!

This post will highlight work that was started while I was gone to Vancouver. Dan from CAS Marine roughed in the new plumbing. This means we won’t have to worry about anything that might have been lurking in the 32 year old existing lines. There were a few things that we removed that we won’t be replacing such as the ice maker and mini bar sink in the cockpit.

Here is a photo of where the water line comes into the new tank that we installed a couple of weeks ago. This access panel is located where the fridge and freezer will go.

In this photo you can see the blue accumulator tank on the left. This is a water chamber which has a pre-pressurized internal air bladder. It is installed on the pressured side of your pump and dampen water pressure spikes. It reduces pump cycling, helps increase the pump’s life and also saves battery power. BTW I love copy and paste!

On the right is the pump that takes the water out of the tank … the large white box just below it. Our new tank is 11″ high by 29″ wide x 60″ long and holds 313 litres or about 83 US gallons.

He also installed a new grey water tank and sump pump along with new lines for our air conditioners.

As much as we were happy to see the plumbing roughed in this Boat Day was all about something that Donald and I were looking forward to for a while.

We installed the new flooring!

We decided to go with Nautikflor and we are very happy we did. It looks great and was pretty easy to install.

It took all day and was very tough on the knees. I have a lot of respect for people that install any type of flooring.

We struck a chalk line in the centre of the boat and started from there. In our experience with flooring we assumed that you had to work on one direction. With this product we were able to start in the middle and work in both directions.

Here Donald is fitting a cardboard template for the piece at the entrance to the head.

The gaps at the wall will be covered by the next layer of flexible plywood.

We made sure that the flooring overhung the floor access openings. Here Donald is trimming it off.

Another template at the curved wall.

And the piece in place.

We put the plywood panel in place so that we could place the flooring properly.

We allowed the adhesive to cure a bit before we installed the other pieces.

Once it was dry enough to trim off the excess this is what it looked like.

A perfect 1/8″ gap.

The boat show is in a few weeks so we will check out hardware for the access panels then.

Here are photos of the finished floor.

We are very happy with the result. Next Saturday we will be finishing the other two access panels and installing more wall panels.

I think we are about at the half way point. Donald says 2/5ths. We will see who is right.

Disappointed that there is still no sign of Kevin and Jason.

6 Replies to “189 Days!”

  1. Fantastic!
    Will you guys still be talking to each other when this is all finished?
    I’m in Owen Sound a lot so would love to see your boat when it is in Wiarton.


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